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An Innovative Multimode Touchscreen Laptop – Lenovo IdeaPad Flex Series

lenovo-multimode-touchscreen-laptopTouchscreen Laptops success becoming a trend in the computer world in 2013.  Armed with the design of an innovative multi-mode.  Lenovo brings its latest multimode touchscreen laptop that costs more affordable.  Lenovo IdeaPad Flex available in 3 models, Flex 14, 15 and 10 inches, with two modes of use, the stand mode and regular laptop mode.

Comes with Windows 8 Pre installed or fresh windows 8.1, support new Intel 4th-generation ‘Haswell’ Core processor for lower power, sharper images, richer color, and lifelike video and audio.  IdeaPad Flex 14 and 15 are thin and light – less than 1 inch thick, weighs starting at 4.4 pounds, the battery is almost as good as a tablet, as it will last for up to 5 hours.  The Flex 10 is only 0.83 inch thick and weighs in at just 2.7 pounds, with 4 hours battery life. 

This convertible IdeaPad Flex multimode touchscreen laptop can be folded up to 300 degrees to stand mode, because the design of dual-mode tech support.  The screen is equipped with multi-touch technology that can be accessed by more than one user, in which to more easily when playing games together.

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex multimode touchscreen laptop can be used like a regular laptop mode.  In this mode, typing long texts, online correspondence, prepare presentations in the office or other activities that require a keyboard and touchpad will be done optimally.

As for the stand mode, users will face directly with a wide touchscreen.  Allowing it to stand up on its own without the keyboard in front, the keyboard and trackpad are hidden at the bottom, so you can freely operate the touchscreen to access various functions.

Besides all the technical support to make optimize best use of the touchscreen, this IdeaPad Flex multimode touchscreen laptop is also suitable for multimedia purposes such as play video and game, having chats via skype, display slideshows of photos or just enjoyed browsing.  And, Dolby Advanced Audio with customizable audio settings turns your music into a cinematic surround-sound experience with less distortion and greater clarity, your tunes come through loud and clear.

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